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Rémy—My Very First Newfie Puppy

I always dreamed of having a Newfoundland, and it took me about 13 years to finally have one! Now I truly feel like the luckiest person in Universe. Newfoundland dogs are incredible!

Got lucky to meet wonderful people who helped me along the way. They explained the importance of research and gathering all the information, looking for a reputable breeder, looking up health checks for potential Dame and Sire, checking Pedigrees, learning more about the breed specifics, needs and lifestyle. There’s a lot of information on the Internet, but I do really like Hannibal Kennels website, you can find a lot of useful information pretty much on any topic you can possibly think of— so many great articles relating Newfoundlands, food research , etc.

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I’m really fortunate to have found wonderful Newfoundland Breeders (Bill and Bonnie Bennett, Wilbon Newfoundland Kennel, Arkansas) and have met Charity Dennington who is now dearest friend to me and Auntie to Rémy. We spent such an incredible time at the Happy Haus in Little Rock, Arkansas. We got a chance to meet Gary and two terrific Newfies Katie and Louie (Rémy’s big sister and brother). They truly are fantastic and you can meet them by visiting Happy Haus Blog.

We also stopped at Greg and Donna’s in Carthage, Missouri and got a chance to meet them and their Newfies Parker and Jade. Now those two are something else (speaking of dogs, hehe)! Parker is simply irresistible, I couldn’t take my hands off him! And Jade is the world’s best hugger, and I mean it. I’ve never seen cuter view than that, she actually comes up to you, lifts herself up, and hugs you around with her front paws and just stays like that for some time (I can’t describe it as colorful as it really is, but try to imagine). The farm is great! I got to pet horses, and Donna showed me thousands of fireflies at night—it looked magical and special ‘cause I’ve never seen anything like it before, lights sparkling on and off all over the place and around you! Beautiful and indescribable!

I can’t wait to go visit them again!

Looking back at our trip, I can surely say that it was the best time I had in many years.

And the best thing—we came home already with Rémy.

P.S. I’d like to say special thanks for all the help and always being there for me to Charity Dennington, Peter Maniate, Gary Schroeder, Donna Zink, Sherrie Hall, Dorothy Carswell and others I got fortunate to meet on Newf-L and Facebook.